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Imagining the Insectarium 2021–2025

Imagining the Insectarium 2021–2025

A project by the Laboratory of Possibilities

New insect museum to open in fall 2021

The Insectarium de Montréal is undergoing a complete metamorphosis. The brand-new insect museum will showcase a rejuvenated architectural design based on the principles of biophilia, a growing trend in architecture characterized by a desire to draw nearer to the conditions of a natural environment, such as natural lighting, views on outside nature and natural textures. In addition, the museum circuit will feature an immersive experience that takes visitors into the midst of insect life and its environment.

A major goal: Foster appreciation for insects

Imagining the Future Insectarium 2021–2025 is a process that will redefine the term entomophilia in the sense of fondness and appreciation of insects, which will be the basis for the development of all the new museum’s activities and projects. The Insectarium’s metamorphosis will also impact the human beings who serve as its guides, visit it, give it life and raise its profile. The Insectarium will therefore push its nature-friendly initiatives even further and promote the experience of entomophilia both within its walls and beyond.

A unique, authentic, participatory process

Concretely, some 70 people from a wide range of backgrounds have been invited to take part in a frank, open discussion on acknowledging the contribution of insects to the overall well-being of our planet. We would like this process to engage people and make a real difference by encouraging a change in values and behaviour that will transform the relationship between humankind, insects and nature.

Co-creation workshops will take the form of four meetings, led and directed by a team of facilitation experts from Lupuna, who will draw on the expertise of our employees and other stakeholders with a view to imagining, building and inspiring a vision that will cross-fertilize the museum’s ideas and projects far beyond its four walls.

Participants will alternately take part in plenary sessions, subgroup exploratory discussions and times set aside for solo thinking and assimilation. Great care will be given to the transition from one activity or meeting to the next in order to create ideal conditions for sustaining concentration, fuelling vitality and fostering engagement, even virtually.

By letting ourselves be inspired, affected, even guided by our insect friends, we are hoping that entomophilia is not solely a concept to be defined with words, but rather a true feeling of brotherly love (philia) and gratitude toward these amazing beings that will take the form of ideas and concrete actions throughout Québec society and, why not, far beyond our borders!

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