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Imagining the Jardin botanique de Montréal of 2031

 Imagining the Botanic Garden of 2031

A project by the Laboratory of Possibilities

At the beginning of the 1930s, Brother Marie-Victorin and Henry Teuscher dreamed together of the ideal botanical garden, with the idea of reconnecting humans with nature at its core. Almost 100 years later, we are once again dreaming of the ideal garden in sync with the current times, which call for a necessary and unprecedented ecological transition.

We are convinced that plants play a key role in the ecological transition and, more than ever, the Garden is in a unique position to contribute to strengthening the relationship between humans and plants. How should the Botanical Garden contribute to this transformation? What expertise should it bring to bear around the world? What unique experience should the Garden offer its visitors? What story should it tell?

Supported in its action by the City of Montreal, which also places the ecological transition at the heart of its priorities, Space for Life believes the time has come to mark our era by building an inspired and meaningful legacy. This is the spirit in which the Garden launched a reflection and creation process to dream, together, of the Botanical Garden of 2031.

This participatory approach is based on three themes: international outreach, community roots, and space and beauty. Three days of workshops have been planned to address each of these topics during which some 300 participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the reflection. A complementary questionnaire will allow a wider audience to join in the discussion.

A first day of exchange and reflection between 80 participants took place on March 11. The outcome of this productive day will be published shortly.

Due to the situation related to COVID-19, events planned during the second day had to be postponed. We are considering new ways to continue this collective discussion.

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