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Red admiral

Vanessa atalanta rubria

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This butterfly’s wingspan ranges from 5.5 to 6 cm. Its forewings are black with white spots and a red stripe. Its lower wings are marbled brown and black, with an orange spot on the edge.

Life cycle

The greenish, cylindrical eggs are laid one by one. When they hatch, tiny larvae of different colours emerge. The caterpillars hide in the leaves where they were born to protect themselves. They complete their development in two to three weeks, after which they become chrysalids.

Two weeks later, the butterfly emerges, towards the beginning of the summer. It mates right away, and a second generation of larger, more colourful butterflies is born. These butterflies spend the winter in the adult stage and mate the next spring.

Geographic distribution

This species is found in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America all the way to Panama.

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