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The Laboratory of Possibilities

Laboratory of possibilities

The Laboratory of Possibilities: a living lab focused on nature,
for and by Montréal Space for Life

Dedicated from the start to public education and awareness through its four museums, Space for Life is adding a participatory component to its commitment to nature and is taking its mission outside its walls.

Thanks to its employees, partners, friendly organizations and visitors, Space for Life has broadened its perspective and approach regarding the relationship between humans and nature. The objective of this laboratory is to use these participatory mechanisms to promote a new frame of mind that places humans at the heart of the solutions it generates.

The Laboratory of Possibilities will have the power to fast-track innovative projects created for the benefit of the planet in concert with citizens, experts, employees, agencies and organizations, urging people to take action. This initiative will help to design, prototype and create projects by harnessing our collective intelligence to jointly resolve issues related to biodiversity, sustainable development and climate change.

Within the City of Montreal, Space for Life contributes to a social project that aims to cast the city as the standard-bearer for a vast movement in favour of biodiversity. The Laboratory of Possibilities is part of the City of Montreal's 2020-2030 strategic alignment on ecological transition: the city stands out as a world leader committed to its ecological transition with the participation and for the benefit of its population. Given the urgency of taking action, the City of Montreal is proposing a social contract that will mobilize its population, its staff, elected officials, the governments of Canada and Quebec, private stakeholders and civil society in order to make this vision a reality.

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