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The language of flowers

A white can rose symbolize dignity and sincerity
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Gilles Murray)
Rosa 'Dr Brownell'

When buying flowers for someone, we choose according to our personal preferences and tastes and, of course, what the florist has in stock. But did you know that every flower has a meaning? Discover the language of flowers with these examples of meanings for the most popular flowers.

Flower Meaning
Carnation Love, constancy. The darker the colour, the deeper the passion.
Chrysanthemum Our love will survive the worst storms. You have destroyed our love. Optimism. Cheerfulness. Long life and happiness.
Daisy I love you ardently. Innocence. Do you love me? I share your feelings. Gentleness and discretion.
I’m jealous of the favours you grant others.
Freesia Elegance. I appreciate your kindness.
Gladiolus Your coldness pierces my heart. Fighting spirit. Meeting. Friendship.
Hyacinth Joyful heart, sadness, regret. No, all hope is not lost. Be kind, don’t make me suffer needlessly.
Iris Am I wasting my time asking for your forgiveness? I like to obey. I will soon be giving you some good news. Eloquence, faith, promise.
Lilac All your hours will be dream-filled hours. Love is beautiful.
Lily This flowers reveals the purity of my love. Virginity.
Lily-of-the-valley Flirtatiousness, purity. You make my life complete. May your happiness last forever. Let’s forget the past and make up. Humility. Young love.
Nasturtium Indifference. Why be so jealous? I am not open to passion. Conquest, victory.
Orchid Fervour. You are very pretty. You are the most precious person to me in the world. My wealth is yours. Long life. Good luck. Beauty and refinement.
Pansy Affectionate thoughts. Protect me. I will never forget this admission. I think of you often. Think of me as much as I think of you.
Poppy Consolation.
  • Dark red: Love, admiration. I love you and will love you forever.
  • White: You are very beautiful. Secrecy and silence. Dignity and sincerity.
  • Yellow: I am not thinking of love. Jealousy.
  • Pink: I love you tenderly.
  • Full bloom: Commitment. Rosebud: Shyness
Tulip Together, we'll be able to conquer the world. Declaration of love. Boldness. Triumph. Hopeless love.


Based on an article by Sylvie Perron in Quatre-Temps magazine, Vol.16, No.4.

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