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Mayor's Monarch Pledge

Pledge to help save monarch butterflies – City of Montréal

In September 2015, the National Wildlife Federation launched the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge in in an effort to engage cities, towns, counties and communities of all kinds to join the effort to help save monarch butterflies. Since then, more than 600 cities in Mexico, the United States and Canada have committed themselves to this great initiative. In 2017, Montréal was the first city in Quebec to sign up and become a “Monarch-friendly city.”

Declaration of the Mayor of Montréal »

How to get your city to help save the monarchs?

When mayors and municipalities speak out or take a stand concerning some issue, citizens listen. That’s why the David Suzuki Foundation and Montréal Space for Life are collaborating on the North American initiative called the “Mayors’ Monarch Pledge – Monarch-Friendly City.” The goal is to convince cities to help restore monarch habitats and to encourage their citizens to participate in these efforts, so that these magnificent butterflies can once again flourish in Quebec and all over the continent. 

To learn about the actions to be taken to take Mayors' Monach Pledge »

For more information, please contact Alexandre Huet.

Working together to protect monarchs

As a citizen, there are lots of things you can do to help save monarchs. Depending on your interests, you can join one or more programs with a definite impact on their habitats and survival.

The Butterflyway Project »

Monarch Oasis: an essential garden

Mission Monarch: participative science to help the monarch cause »

Mayors' Monarch Pledge Participating Cities »

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