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Measuring our impact on the environment

Do you know your ecological footprint?
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S.O.S. Environment

The environment is everyone’s concern. Protecting it and understanding the close ties between human beings and the planet is a matter of information and education. Then, action must be taken quickly.  

Currently, climate change has caught us off guard because it is happening much faster than scientists predicted. Instead of hundreds of years, it will be mere decades before our climate is changed drastically and irreparably, with all the consequences that implies. And let’s not fool ourselves: the culprits aren’t just big industries and automobile traffic. As consumers, each of has a role to play through the choices we make to ensure our wonderful planet is protected.

Every problem has a solution!

Don’t forget that although we are part of the problem, we are also part of the solution. We must determine the measures to take and habits to adopt now so that we can preserve our environment and promote a harmonious and respectful relationship with nature.  

A sustainable footprint

Do you know your ecological footprint? An ecological footprint is the impact of one human being on the environment. Your consumption habits and lifestyle have direct effects on the health of the planet.


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