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Mission Monarch

Photo: Espace pour la vie (André Sarrazin)
Danaus plexippus


Mission Monarch Needs You!

The Montréal Insectarium is spearheading a community science program called Mission Monarch to document the monarch’s reproductive success. The goal of this program is to identify monarch breeding hotspots in order to implement effective conservation measures. Mission Monarch contributes to international research and education efforts for the protection of this threatened species.

Grab your magnifying glass!

Migratory monarch populations are declining in North America. To help with conservation efforts, Canada has committed to protecting the butterfly’s summer breeding grounds.

The scientific community is working on mapping the geographical distribution of monarchs and milkweed - an essential plant for the butterfly's reproduction. However, since the area to be covered is immense and the existing data is insufficient to implement effective conservation measures, the scientific community is calling on the public to help with data collection efforts.

It’s easy, free and fun

Nothing could be simpler. Just start by finding milkweed, then verify the presence of monarchs, write down your observations, and submit your data online via Mission Monarch’s website. Everything you need to go on a mission for monarchs can be found online. You’ll see, it’s easy and fun!

Take Action!

Visit Mission Monarch’s website to take action and find answers to your questions. Don't forget to follow #MissionMonarch on social media!

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