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I think that if buildings take out nature, we should put nature back. I try to make my garden blend with the landscape as if it were untended, in order to welcome as much wildlife as possible. In my front yard, I have sun most of the time, so that is where I grow vegetables. It is a veritable "food forest," and it has a mason bee house and a passage for nocturnal animals to pass under the fence between me and my neighbour. In the back yard where I do not get a lot of sun, it has a pond where birds come to bathe, cedar trees and bushes, both mature and dwarfed honey locust trees (the front yard has a Ville-planted honey locust as well), Virginia creeper up the walls (to be replaced by another kind of ivy), a potted balcony garden as well as a potager, and it also has brush piles and a deck and box bench under which animals can take refuge.

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