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I have been longing for that spiritual connection the garden always provides me. I grew in a tropical region where plants were bountiful all year round. I was also lucky enough to be looked after by my late grandmother whose name was Esmeralda; hence the name 'Emerald Thumb' in her honour. When I moved here to Montreal, all I thought was I will never have the chance to sow seeds especially on a foreign land where most plant species are unknown to me and on top of that are the changing seasons. Also, I do not have a land of my own to nurture the plants on. This year, however, my kind landlord who knows my passion for plants gave me the opportunity to cultivate her empty front pathway. So, I gave it a go. I got seeds from organizations for free and there the magic of Nature again proves itself profoundly mysterious, rewarding, and magical. Not only have these plants accommodated some precious insects and travelling birds, it also brought me back to that space of spiritual connection where I can once again feel my grandmother's loving presence. To my Mama Esmeralda, rest in love.

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