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New welcoming and distinctive spaces

New welcoming and distinctive spaces
New welcoming and distinctive spaces

A lobby opening up to the original structure

As you step inside, you’ll immediately understand that you’re entering a building with a unique architecture and history. To start with, your first sight will be the main lobby opening up onto the original concrete structure and its bleachers. Needless to say, there will be new welcoming and distinctive spaces, including a ticketing system, pleasant rest spaces, a new gift shop and a completely renovated cafeteria.

A peek behind the scenes

You have no idea of all the intense activity that goes on behind the scenes at the Biodôme! To recreate nature as faithfully as possible and keep the plants and animals happy and healthy, a veritable army of experts and scientists is constantly at work. It takes all kinds of efforts, energy and attention to ensure optimal conditions for our “residents.” The Biodôme team has to use all kinds of tools, instruments and strategies, which usually go unnoticed by visitors. Would you like to know more? Head for the new mezzanine, where you’ll find two distinct experiences created by the Montréal Space for Life museology staff, giving you a better idea of the everyday challenges our teams face.

The life-support system

How would you like to become the “operator” at the controls of the Biodôme’s ecosystems? Thanks to an ingenious multimedia interface, you can take on the challenge of maintaining the proper water, air and light conditions in the ecosystems all day long and throughout the year. Using cursors, handles and buttons, you’ll adjust the abiotic factors (non-living factors that influence the living conditions) of the ecosystem you choose. And when you think that nature does all this, and much more, all by itself!

The discovery wall

How do we keep the animals at the Biodôme healthy, happy and well fed? Here in these information stations you’ll learn the skills and tricks used by our different teams. For instance, how do we convince the turtles to hibernate in winter? This interactive exhibition will keep you constantly involved, answering questions and enjoying fun experiences.

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