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  • May 28, 2021

Henry Teuscher Award: Marc Légaré, 2021, and Maurice Beauchamp, 2020

  • Jardin botanique

This year, as part of the Jardin botanique de Montréal's Great Gardening Weekend, the Henry Teuscher Award is exceptionally awarded to two people whose achievements contribute to the advancement of horticulture in Québec. This double distinction corrects last year's cancellation due to the pandemic.

2021 recipient: Marc Légaré

A true walking encyclopedia and outstanding popular science writer, Marc Légaré has contributed to the advancement of ornamental horticulture across the province for over 44 years. Of these, 31 were spent as nursery adviser at the IQDHO, Québec's Center of Expertise in Ornemental Horticulture. Always on the lookout for his sector's latest developments, this industry icon has a solid track record. He can even be proud of having an Eastern larch named after him at the Scullion Garden, the Larix laricina "Marc Légaré"!

2020 recipient: Maurice Beauchamp

A man of leadership, Maurice Beauchamp has devoted more than 33 years to the Jardin botanique de Montréal and has horticultural and administrative knowledge that has led him to play a major role in this field in Québec. Studying horticulture in the early 1950s within this great institution, he successively became a gardener, foreman, assistant superintendent, chief arborist and superintendent. This horticultural enthusiast notably carried out brilliantly the important project "Villes, Villages et Campagnes fleuris" entrusted to him by the former Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Jean Garon.

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