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  • February 26, 2018

The HMCS Montcalm paddling award goes to the Space for Life ice canoeing team

  • Space for Life
EPLV Ice Canoe Team
EPLV Ice Canoe Team

On February 4, the Space for Life ice canoeing team was presented with the HMCS Montcalm paddling award. That prize recognizes a team that has stood out through its tenacity, its fighting spirit, its teamwork and its community support, values that are shared by the Royal Canadian Navy.

From left to right in the photo: Lieutenant Michael Savoie of HCMS Montcalm; Stéphane Morin, helmsman; Stéphane Dumas, starboard bow; Emiko Wong, aft port; Simon Trudel-Perreault, port bow; Isabelle Girard, aft starboard; and Lieutenant and vice-president of the organizing committee for the Carnaval canoeing race, Eric Bolduc.

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