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  • April 11, 2023

OrchidExpo 2023: The Jardin botanique receives multiple awards

  • Jardin botanique
Photo: Marise Charbonneau
Orchidexpo 2023
  • Orchidexpo 2023
  • Orchidexpo 2023

On March 25 and 26, the Jardin botanique team participated in the 39th edition of OrchidExpo, an international orchid show organized by the Orchidophiles de Montréal.

Hosting renowned growers from Asia, and North and South America, this show features thousands of orchids in bloom and plays an important educational role for the general public. For participants, it is an opportunity to make acquisitions through purchases or exchanges, to find new sources for rare plants, and to improve the quality of orchid culture.

This year, our specialized horticulturists, Josianne Boulanger and Marise Charbonneau, garnered several awards for the quality of their work as well as for the selection of varieties presented.

The Jardin botanique is, therefore, the recipient of several awards from the Orchidophiles de Montréal, earning recognition in the following categories:

  • Best Plant of the Exhibition and Best Oncidium Plant for our Cyrtochilum detortum;
  • Best Pleurothallis Plant for our Stellis lamprophylla;
  • Best Plant Other Alliances for our x Phaiocalanthe Kryptonite ‘Blood Bathe’ HCC/AOS;
  • Best Vanda Plant, the Trophy Marc-André Brassard for Best Miniature Plant, and the Trophy Raymond Gauthier for Best Specimen Plant for our Aerangis stylosa;
  • Best Exhibit Vendor OrchidExpo 2023;
  • The President’s Trophy for Best Exhibit.

In addition, the American Orchid Society presented the team with 4 awards. This recognition will give us visibility in the next issue of the prestigious American magazine Orchids:

  • Certificate of Cultural Merit (CCM 84 points) for our Aerangis stylosa;
  • Judges’ Commendation for our Dendrobium moniliforme;
  • American Orchid Society Show Trophy (ST 90 points) for the display, the quality of the plants, and the theme which dealt with the collaboration between Henry Teuscher and Brother Marie-Victorin with the tropical orchid hunters of the time;
  • Gold Certificate (GC 90 points) for the display.

The Jardin botanique’s participation in OrchidExpo is consistent with its goal of enhancing and diversifying its internationally recognized collection of orchids. Visit our exhibition greenhouses and discover these fascinating species currently in full bloom.

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