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  • January 7, 2022

Two Jardin botanique discoveries among the ten most important in 2021

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Two Jardin botanique discoveries among the ten most important in 2021

Space for Life is proud of the recognition given to its work by Québec Science, which has included two studies by the Jardin botanique research team in the ten discoveries of the year made by Québec scientists.

The first study, led by the head of Research & Scientific Development, Michel Labrecque, and his student Eszter Sas, and co-directed by research botanist Frédéric Pitre, is concerned with fast-growing willow plantations that could play a triple role: in addition to filtering wastewater, these trees could supply biomass in large quantities, as well as molecules with considerable potential.

The second study, conducted by Jardin botanique research botanist Simon Joly and by McGill University professor Daniel Schoen, led to the validation of a hypothesis put forward by Darwin over 150 years ago explaining why certain plants produce small flowers that are unattractive to pollinators.

Discover the 10 discoveries of the year in Québec Science and take the opportunity to vote for your favorite discovery.

Research, a key element in the Space for Life museums’ activities

Besides contributing to the advancement of knowledge and the development of the collections, research carried out by Space for Life teams makes it possible to deal with important issues: the conservation of biodiversity, the management of ecosystems in populated areas, phytotechnologies, and so on. By bringing innovative solutions to specific environmental problems, that research contributes to citizens’ quality of life.

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