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One Day… on Mars

Photo: Espace pour la vie
One Day on Mars

Multimedia show with live commentary

  • Location: Chaos Theatre
  • Target audience: Ages 7 and up
  • Length: 40 minutes

Join our expedition to Mars and enjoy a thrilling immersive experience. You’ll dive into the depths of seemingly bottomless canyons and brave the violent winds sweeping across the Red Planet’s icy dunes. Set to original music by Dumas, One Day… on Mars takes you to a world that humans may well visit in just a few decades in our ongoing search for life there.

Technical Information

  • Produced by
    Montréal Space for Life
  • Director and Scriptwriter
    Maxime Pivin Lapointe
  • Executive Producer and Poject Manager
    Sébastien Gauthier
  • Artistic Director
    François Guinaudeau
  • Assistant Director
    Nicolas Didtsch
  • Text
    Loïc Quesnel, Maxime Pivin Lapointe and Isabelle Pruneau-Brunet
  • Sound Designer
    Benoît Dame
  • Production Co-ordinator
    Jade-Anaïs Généreux-Gamache
  • Original music
  • Music co-produced by
    DUMAS and Martin Roy
  • Graphic design and postproduction
    François Guinaudeau, Nicolas Didtsch, Pierre-Guilhem Roudet, Antonin Gaud, Arnaud Mariat, Maxime Pivin Lapointe and Bruno Colpron
  • Commentary coaching
    Véronique Pascal

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