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Pathway to phytotechnologies

Map - Pathway to phytotechnologies
Photo: Espace pour la vie
Map - Pathway to phytotechnologies

Using live plants to stabilize and clean up an environment or solve environmental problems is the exclusive feature of so-called phytotechnologies. These new "green" approaches make it possible to fight against noise and water pollution, or to rehabilitate contaminated and abandoned soils. The particular expertise related to these technologies is also illustrated by scientists from the Jardin botanique involved in the design and implementation of The Pathway to Phytotechnologies.

The route provides for the creation of a series of stations on the Jardin botanique site (see image), each with a particular phytotechnology, filter marsh, green roof, rain garden, etc. Each of these stations will, at the same time, concretely solve a problematic that the Jardin botanique faces, while integrating educational elements intended to explain the plants' functioning and role within the installation in question.

Nature will not be idle until 2024!

Between 2019 and 2024, visitors will attend the deployment of the seven stations of the Pathway to phytotechnologies.

Timeline Stations Map


Filtering marshes 

Wastewater management at the Aquatic Garden.




Decontamination of contaminated soils from various areas of the Jardin botanique.


Control of invasive plants

Illustrating various approaches to limit invasive plants from spreading near the Frédéric Back Tree Pavilion.



Cold islands

Rainwater and heat island management at the Jardin botanique's main parking lot.


Green wall

Development of a green wall to reduce air, soil and noise pollution along the Pie-IX Boulevard.



Shoreline stabilization 

To introduce various bank stabilization techniques and reduce erosion problems.


Green roof and filtering marshes

The addition of a sanitary services building to Youth Gardens, whose roof will be vegetated and whose wastewater will be purified by a filter marsh.



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