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A Bouquet of March Break Activities at Espace pour la vie

Montréal, January 30, 2018 - 

Espace pour la vie invites everyone to enjoy moments of pure wonder and amazement at its museums during March Break. In the Main Exhibition Greenhouse at the Jardin botanique, the Butterflies Go Free science educators will get you dreaming of summer as they share some tips for attracting these splendid Lepidoptera to your garden or balcony. At the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan, visitors of all ages can embark on a voyage to the ends of the Universe. As they enjoy the different immersive multimedia shows, they’ll discover that the Earth doesn’t belong to us, because we belong to it!

BUTTERFLIES GO FREE – NATURE HAVEN (February 22 to April 29) 
Jardin botanique de Montréal – Tuesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. – Open Monday, March 5 (March Break)
Thousands of shimmering, colourful butterflies will be fluttering around the Main Exhibition Greenhouse of the Jardin botanique, where the temperature fluctuates between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius. You’re bound to be captivated by their charms and you’ll doubtless want to do something to protect them – especially monarchs, a species known to be at risk. This year, the Insectarium’s science educators will be offering tips on how to fashion your own inviting environment for butterflies, in the city or out in the country. A great way to recreate the Butterflies Go Free magic in your own garden this summer!  

SHOWS FOR YOUNG VISITORS (Ages 4 to 8) – New – Starting February 27
Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan – Tuesday to Sunday – Open Monday, March 5 (March Break)
Show times:

A new double feature will be starting on February 27, for families with children ages 4 to 8. The first film, The Blind Man with Starry Eyes (23 minutes), tells the story of an ambitious tyrant who wants to expand his empire and a wise old man who tells him to count the stars… It’s a touching, poetic tale that will introduce children to the mysteries of the Universe. The experience continues with a multimedia show (40 minutes), inviting audiences to join one of our scientific educators and virtually climb Aboard SSE-4801 to discover the solar system. This zany mission will whisk kids off to visit the Moon and several planets (Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Saturn), before they return “home,” to planet Earth, with the help of a charming comet, all set to a Petites Tounes musical score.

Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan – Tuesday to Sunday – Open Monday, March 5 (March Break)
Show times:
Broaden your horizons with our double feature, Space Next (25 minutes) and EXO (40 minutes). Space Next dives into the fascinating world of space exploration, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It ushers us along the path taken by humans in the quest to reach the stars and points to the future with its promise of interstellar travel and planetary colonization. Then EXO, the immersive 360 degree-dome show produced by the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan team, focuses on the search for extraterrestrial life and the impacts of such discoveries. The show takes an exciting look at the connection between the Universe and life… wherever it may be! 


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Montréal Space for Life is made up of four attractions on the same site: the Jardin botanique, Biodôme, Insectarium and Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan. These four prestigious municipal institutions form Canada's largest natural science museum complex. Together, they are launching a daring, creative urban movement, urging everyone to rethink the connection between humankind and nature and cultivate a new way of living.

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