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Botanical Curiosities to Delight the Whole Family
Montréal, February 8, 2023 - 

Are you familiar with our Garden of Oddness? That’s the nickname we’ve given to a mysterious greenhouse at the Jardin botanique. Half greenhouse, half laboratory, it’s home to some unique plants with shapes and methods of survival that are very inventive, to say the least! Between February 22 and April 30, Espace pour la vie is inviting visitors to discover this wacky world that lies at the crossroads of science and science fiction!

Guided by our knowledgeable interpreters, visitors will see some 200 species of plants, each more incredible than the last. Meet our Giants, like the “elephant ears” or Colocasia, the leaves of which are up to 120 cm wide. Learn more about Succulents, with their fleshy, water-engorged parts that come in very handy in arid areas. Other categories in this family of unusual plants include the Enigmas, Animals, Flamboyants and Carnivores, each eager to reveal their secrets!

As you make your way through the greenhouse, feel free to explore, analyze and experiment. And keep your eyes open: you’ll be asked to perform some experiments of your own and then use your findings to create the strangest, weirdest and most dazzling plant of all!

Uncover the mysteries of carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants never fail to impress with their ingenious traps. Did you know that every species has its own strategy for catching insects? Join your children in learning the tricks these plants use to attract, capture and digest their prey. Don't worry, they’re only interested in small insects!

  • Our activity Capture your prey lets you build your own insect trap! Once you’ve learned how carnivorous plants do it, our activities team will ask you to design a trap of your own using everyday objects. Let their ingenuity inspire you! Your trap doesn’t deliver the goods? Take advantage of our team’s know-how to find out what you can improve on to make it truly fearsome! And if it does work, we’ve got some even tougher challenges in store for you!
    For the whole family; recommended for those 8 and up. Takes place on weekends, on holidays and during March break.
  • The really young set get an activity all their own with Carnivores in action. The goal of these Olympics-style games is to capture an insect using the same tricks as carnivorous plants. Activities include using a puppet to try and catch flies like a Venus flytrap (Dionaea) does, and trying to throw insect balls into the urn-shaped trap of a tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes). Enjoy watching your children have fun while learning some of the strategies used by these fascinating plants!
    For the whole family, with a special focus on kids 4 to 8. Every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Garden of Oddness is a playful, interactive experience that’s not to be missed, served up in a steampunk-styled setting. This is your opportunity to try something new, introduce your children to botany and see plants in a whole new light. More information and ticket reservations:

Treat yourself to our museums!

Enjoy special access to our five museums—the Biodôme, Biosphère, Insectarium, Jardin botanique and Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan—for a whole year! Available in digital format at a very affordable price, our Espace pour la vie Passport comes with numerous perks. It’s sure to please families, adults, students and nature enthusiasts.

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