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Henry Teuscher Award

Presented to Bertrand Dumont At the Botanical Garden’s 2016 Great Gardening Weekend
Montréal, May 27, 2016 - 

The Montréal Botanical Garden, a Montréal Space for Life institution, is proud to announce this year’s winner of the prestigious Henry Teuscher Award: renowned horticulturist, writer and speaker Bertrand Dumont. The award, presented every year as part of the Great Gardening Weekend, salutes the winner’s exceptional contribution to the advancement of ornamental horticulture in Quebec.

Bertrand Dumont trained at the top horticultural schools in France, but soon traded his shovel for a pen. He has devoted much of his career to writing some thirty books on “green” gardening, trees, native plants and the environment. In Quebec, he has helped to promote the joys of gardening and plants. His greatest accomplishment, though, is definitely his time from 1994 to 2003 as editor of Fleurs, Plantes et Jardins magazine, a specialized publication that had a monthly readership of over 800,000 – unparalleled success for this type of magazine.

Mr. Dumont has long been an educator, a columnist and a very popular speaker. He has happily turned to the latest social media to share his thoughts and ideas, and to promote healthier, “greener” horticulture. Recently, in order to ensure that all the documentation he has compiled over the course of his career remains accessible, he donated a large number of books to the Montréal Botanical Garden, followed by his substantial collection of slides and photos.

The Henry Teuscher Award, yesterday and today
Henry Teuscher, a visionary and passionate horticulturist, botanist and landscape architect (1891–1984), designed the Montréal Botanical Garden. He worked closely with Brother Marie-Victorin, and was responsible for designing several of the exhibition greenhouses and putting together some of the Garden’s main plant collections. Since it was created in 1999, the Henry Teuscher Award has been presented to: Claude Vallée (2015), Albert Mondor (2014); Isabelle Dupras (2013); Francis H. Cabot (2012, posthumously); Hélène Leclerc (2011); Jacques André Rioux (2010); Elsie Reford and Alexander Reford (2009); Jean-Claude Vigor (2008); Émile Jacqmain (2007); Fred Oehmichen (2006); Daniel A. Séguin (2005); Gaëtan Hamel (2004); Milan B. Havlin (2003); Henri and Camille Perron (2002); Wilfrid Meloche (2001); Roger Van den Hende (2000) and Tony Huber (1999).

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