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Montréal Space for Life Presents Three for Trees An Artistic and Scientific Celebration of Nature

Montréal, April 7, 2016 - 

Starting April 9, 2016, Montréal Space for Life will be presenting the Three for Trees exhibition at the Montréal Botanical Garden's Frédéric Back Tree Pavilion. This is a joint creation, a threefold tribute to trees and their importance in our lives, as seen by three friends who enjoy strolling through the woods together. Wielding palettes of colours, words and elements, visual artist Alain Massicotte, biologist Michel Leboeuf and physician François Reeves share a poetic and thoughtful three-way dialogue that so clearly shows their love of nature and trees that we get the sense that we are right there with them.

Like a pleasant jaunt through the woods in the Eastern Townships
A series of 80 small oil paintings on wood by artist Alain Massicotte highlights trees' fabulous colours and beauty in every season. Scientist Michel Leboeuf describes the biological and ecological wealth of these amazing plants, while physician François Reeves rounds out the discussion by stressing the importance of contact with nature for our health and collective well-being.

Urban trees: much more than just a backdrop
In the very centre of the exhibition, Three for Trees ushers visitors into the heart of the city, with Alain Massicotte's pencil and graphite sketches. The artist's expressive lines reveal what our jaded eyes no longer see: rather than fading into the background, anonymous trees reappear thanks to the magic of the artist's touch.

Broadening the conversation
This exhibition also allowed a number of students, under the supervision of their teachers and the support team from the museology techniques department at Collège Montmorency, to put their creativity to work in designing, building and installing the display units, planning the exhibition layout and mounting it.

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