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Regeneration by artists Alexandre Burton and Mélanie Crespin

A unique BLENDING of art and science
Montréal, May 24, 2023 - 

Espace pour la vie, in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, is proud to present Regeneration, a contemporary digital art piece that tells the story of a phytoremediation research area at the Jardin botanique. The product of an art-meets-science collaboration, this work documents in real time the regeneration through plants of a plot of land.

The light and sound installation uses cameras and sensors to record the plant and environmental activity of an area of land, to show how, over the years, living organisms can act to restore the ecological integrity of an ecosystem. Both artistic and experimental, the work documents the renewed vitality of the land while demonstrating the decontamination potential of plants. Regeneration is a sensitive, stimulating and engaging experience that lets visitors witness the passage of time in plant terms.

At the crossroads of art and science

The piece was created through a close collaboration among artists Alexandre Burton and Mélanie Crespin, Jardin botanique researcher Joan Laur and the Jardin botanique’s museology team. The artistic installation includes a mobile made from bioplastic products derived from material collected at the plot. The lighting is modulated based on the digital data, showing a time-lapse view of the very slow evolutionary process.

The power of plants

The project is one in a series of phytotechnology stations that reveal the power of plants to solve a range of environmental problems. Regeneration showcases phytoremediation as a technique to decontaminate soil using plants. As the soil is re-oxygenated, life is restored – hence the title of the work.

“Phytotechnologies represent innovative solutions to conventional engineering approaches,” explained Jardin botanique director Anne Charpentier. “For several years, the scientists at the Jardin botanique and the Institut de recherche en biologie végétale (IRBV), along with specialists in landscaping, in horticulture and in museology at the Jardin botanique, have been working together on building a series of phytotechnology stations that integrate educational elements intended to explain the functioning and the role of plants there. With the phytotechnology stations, Espace pour la vie is demonstrating the full potential of plants for the ecological transition, one of the principal goals of the Montréal 2030 strategic plan.”

Regeneration shows to what extent the encounter between art and science offers vast possibilities for creation and knowledge. At the NFB’s Interactive Studio, we support openness to new fields of experimentation and greater integration of practices for creators, resulting in works that explore innovative forms of storytelling. I also want to underscore the continuing collaboration with Espace pour la vie, which makes interactive and digital works even more accessible, as well as the collaboration with the Jardin botanique, which highlights environmental concerns that are crucial for the future.” – Louis-Richard Tremblay, Executive Producer, NFB French Program Interactive Studio

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