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Relive your childhood at Montréal Space for Life

Discover the 2016 program of activities
Montréal, February 10, 2016 - 

This year, see the big picture with the new program of activities at Montréal Space for Life. Starting in February, you can look at nature through a child’s eyes and let your curiosity guide you through all kinds of fascinating, inspiring experiences. Take wing and join the graceful beauties at Butterflies Go Free. This year, they’re sharing the spotlight with caterpillars, so keep your eyes open and you’ll spot some amazing creatures. In summer, bring the family and explore the poetic universe of trees, with Heroes of the Forest, combining delightful tales and an exciting quest. At the Biodôme and Insectarium, we’ll be talking out loud about something that’s sure to make kids giggle. With Poop Tales and Oh, Poop!, we’ll turn the spotlight on animals’ droppings. Then, at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, kids from 4 to 7 will be entranced by the adventures of Mira, The Little Star in a story full of twists and turns. At Montréal Space for Life you can discover nature in every season as if for the first time, with amazement and wonder.

“The child in all of us is never far beneath the surface,” says Montréal Space for Life Director Charles-Mathieu Brunelle. “Our program this year is aimed specially at our young visitors, but also invites grown-ups to rediscover that capacity for amazement, healthy curiosity and light-heartedness we see in children. It’s a way of getting closer to the natural world, but also to our own human nature.”

See the big picture year round!

  • Butterflies Go Free: A Caterpillar’s Life at the Botanical Garden, February 18 to April 26
    Caterpillars – furry, funny and funky – steal the show this year!
  • Double feature: One Day on Mars and Asteroid: Mission Extreme at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, starting June 14
    One Day on Mars – The intriguing Red Planet is giving up more of its secrets all the time. Get a front-row seat on the latest discoveries.
    Asteroid: Mission Extreme – Prepare for an incredible adventure as you speed across our solar system!
  • Heroes of the Forest at the Botanical Garden, June 20 to August 28
    Follow inspiring storytellers into the heart of a dreamlike world full of fabulous tales. The most daring members of the family can head off on a quest and enjoy an unforgettable adventure.
    In co-operation with the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.
  • The Arts Put on a Show at the Garden at the Botanical Garden, June 12 to August 28
    Every Sunday, a new artist casts musical spells in an enchanting setting. A treat for the ears and the eyes, too, as you admire the flowers in bloom.
    Featuring: Arthur H. (June 12), Michel Rivard (June 19), Patrick Norman (June 26), Vincent Vallières (July 10), Mara Tremblay (August 21)… and lots of others.
  • Poop Tales at the Biodôme, June 18 to September 5 It’s a fun way to explore the ecosystems and their inhabitants, one dropping at a time! Animal dung is cause for giggles and guffaws, but it’s also full of … information!
  • Oh, Poop! at the Insectarium, June 23 to September 5
    Heaps of surprises, laughter and discoveries.

New attractions and old favourites this fall, to be seen through a child’s eyes

  • Gardens of Light at the Botanical Garden, September 2 to October 31
    Learn about the life of the young Emperor of China, by lantern light, and follow the changing seasons as you admire the cascades in the Japanese Garden.
  • The Great Pumpkin Ball at the Botanical Garden, September 30 to October 31
    Kids will have fun becoming sweet little monsters, just for a day.
  • We Are Stars at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, starting September 6
    What are we made of? Where did matter come from? We Are Stars seeks the answers to these questions in an exploratory journey across the Universe, for ages 4 to 12.
  • Mira, The Little Star at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, November 11 to December 11
    Under a starry sky, children will be captivated by Mira’s adventures as the little star flees from Algol and his black hole gang.
    *Musical show for ages 4 to 7 and their parents.

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