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Sringtime Awakening

Montréal, March 13, 2017 - 

Montréal Space for Life invites everyone to celebrate spring at the Biodôme! What could be more exciting than the season of awakening, when the days lengthen and nature starts stirring? Until May 22, the Biodôme is offering a special opportunity: close-up encounters with reptiles and amphibians just emerging from hibernation. These creatures, among the least known and most easily overlooked of all animal species, are very often children’s first contact with nature and always a source of amazement for them.

Discover a whole variety of species

Can you tell green frogs apart from bullfrogs? Can you recognize the songs of Quebec frogs? Chorus frogs, toads, turtles, salamanders, eastern newts and snakes will be the stars of the show. The Biodôme’s nature interpreters will be pleased to help you spot them, to talk about conservation, ecology and biology and help visitors get up close to the animals. And after they’ve finished, visitors will be invited to leave a brief comment or a drawing recalling their first encounter with a reptile or amphibian. All these memories will later be posted on the big “true experiences” wall.

A world in the shadows

Visitors will also be able to watch an excerpt from a documentary titled Un monde inaperçu. Étienne Plasse spent four seasons following Quebec amphibians and reptiles through all the stages in their life cycle. The young director, as enthusiastic about nature as he is about filmmaking, highlights the struggles facing these species and how their world is changing drastically… because of us.

A few interesting facts…

  • The Biodôme is part of conservation programs for western chorus frogs and wood turtles, two vulnerable species in Quebec that you’ll be able to see during this event. In fact, western chorus frogs were released into the wild for the first time in summer 2016.
  • Did you know that red-eared sliders, those turtles that look so small and cute in your aquarium, can quickly outgrow their homes? But don’t release them into the wild, because they’ll compete directly with our native Quebec species.

Here’s to Life!

As we mark our city’s 375th anniversary this year, Montréal Space for Life is saluting life and everything it gives us. Our institutions are hosting a captivating and festive program of activities that brings us all together to celebrate nature that heals, feeds and inspires us. (#Herestolife)


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