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Reducing our impact on forests

Hardwood forest.
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)
Hardwood forest.

Paper: An energy-intensive product

Paper is produced from a renewable natural resource - forests. However, it is imperative that we reduce our paper consumption, because its production requires considerable quantities of energy to cut down trees, transform wood pulp into paper and transport paper to your school or office. 

Think about it. In addition to decimating forests and consuming electricity and other combustibles, each ton of paper produces hundreds of gallons of polluted water! 

Do you want to do more to help manage our resources responsibly? 

Here are some judicious choices to consider:

Support an organization committed to helping forests, either by helping out or financially.

Who is the first to sound the alarm about environmental problems? Who launches initiatives to improve environmental quality? There are lots of organizations working to save our forests, and they play an essential role in protecting these ecosystems. If you can’t help them directly, then you can support them financially. 

Buy FSC-certified wood when renovating.

The FSC logo guarantees that natural forests are managed and harvested in way that respects the environment and meets the needs of the human communities who depend on them, while remaining economically viable.

Adopt the 3 Rs!

Have you heard of the 3 Rs? Reduce, reuse and recycle: Three excellent ways to manage paper more responsibly!

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