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Reusing water

Gardens of the Flowery Brook and the pond.
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Gilles Murray)
Gardens of the Flowery Brook and the pond.

Collect rainwater to water your garden and flowering plants.

During heat waves in Canada, half and sometimes three-quarters of drinking water consumption is used for watering plants.

Rainwater is free, contains no added products such as chlorine or fluoride and is at the right temperature to avoid thermal shocks to plants. Why should it be channelled into storm sewers, wasting this ideal resource for our plants? There is no danger, and we save drinking water, which is costly to produce and whose use should be restricted in periods of drought. Some municipalities offer credits if you purchase a rain collector. Find out if yours does.

Did you know?
Rain collectors are used in many of the Jardin botanique’s outdoor gardens and for outdoor plants at the Biodôme.

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