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Books and references

Research conducted at the Biodôme generally leads to publication of scientific articles in specialized magazines, international conferences and conventions and media coverage. Here is a representative list of scientific production at the Biodôme.

  • Sampaio da Silva, D, Lucotte, M., Paquet, S., Davidson, R., 2009. Influence of ecological factors and of land use on Hg levels in Amazonian fish. Environmental Research 109: 432-446.
  • Farella, N., Davidson, R., Lucotte, M., Daigle, S., 2007. Nutrient and mercury variations in soils from family farms of the Tapajós Region (Brazilian Amazon): Recommendations for better farming. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 120: 449-462.
  • Béliveau, A., Oestreicher, J.S., Mertens, F., Saint-Charles, J., Davidson, R., Lucotte, M., Berçot, M., 2011. Adoption of practices aiming at reducing soil Hg mobility: The challenges of promoting sustainable agriculture in the PLUPH project, linking human health, land use and environmental change, in the Brazilian Amazon. The 10th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP). Halifax, Canada, July 24th -29th 2011. (poster)
  • Nault, A. and C. Vasseur. 2011. SEM’AIL. p. 28-30 in ‘Sciences participatives et biodiversité: implication du public, portée éducative et pratiques pédagogiques associées’. Les livrets de l’IFRÉE num. 2, 106p.
  • Nault, A. 2009. Conservation de la phégoptère à hexagones au Parc national du Mont Saint-Bruno: un refuge pour cette fougère menacée. Naturaliste Canadien 133 (3): 46-50.
  • Nault, A. and C. Vasseur. SEM’AIL: sensibilisation, éducation et restauration de l’ail des bois au Québec. Presented at the Natural History Museum, Paris, June 2010.
  • Savoie, A., N.R. Le François, S.G. Lamarre, F. Dupuis & P.U. Blier. 2017.  Physiological adjustments associated to compensatory growth induction in juvenile brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis): evaluation of seasonal effect. Journal of Applied Aquaculture.
  • Tremblay-Gratton, A., J.-C. Boussin, A. Bennachi, E. Tamigneaux, G.W. Vandenberg & N.R. Le François. Sous presse.  Implementation of sulfur-based denitrification in a large-scale fully recirculated cold-seawater aquarium: a sustainability practice. Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research
  • Postlethwait, J.H., Y.-L. Yan, T. Desvignes, C. Allard, T. Titus, N.R. Le François & H.W. Detrich III. 2016. Embryogenesis and early skeletogenesis in the Antarctic Bullhead notothen, Notothenia coriiceps. Developmental Dynamics 245 : 1066-1080
  • Le François, N.R., S. Picq*, A. Savoie, J.C. Boussin, E. Wong, L. Misserey, S. Rojas, J.-P. Genet & S. Plante. 2015. Coupling salinity reduction to aquatic animal well-being and ecosystem representativeness at the Biodôme de Montréal. Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 3(2): 70-76.
  • Fournier, D. and J. Dancosse. 2011. Vaccination d’une population de ratons laveurs (Procyon lotor) contre le distemper et la rage dans le parc du Mont-Royal. Le Naturaliste canadien, vol 135, #1, 36-39.
  • Fournier, D. and J. Dancosse. 2006. La stérilisation du castor, Castor canadensis, en milieu urbain. Le Naturaliste canadien, vol. 129, #2, 44-47.
  • Dancosse, J. 2008. Gestion de deux populations de ratons-laveurs en zone périurbaine. 5e congrès international francophone sur les NAC (nouveaux animaux de compagnie) et animaux sauvages, Paris, France.
  • Auclair, J., S. Parent and R. Villemur. 2011. Functional diversity in the biofilm of the methanol-fed, marine denitrification system at the Montreal Biodome. Submitted to Applied Environmental Microbiology.
  • Parent, S., S. Pépin, J.-P. Genet, L. Misserey and S. Rojas. 2008. Captive breeding of the Barndoor skate (Dipturus laevis) at the Montreal Biodome, with comparison notes on two other captive-bred skate species. Zoo Biology 27(2): 145-153.
  • Delorme, M., Williams, K.J., Halopulos, A.M., Dierenfeld, E.S., and Wong, E. 2011. Diet and feeding: New World nectarivorous bats. In: Bats in Captivity, Volume 3: Diet & Feeding ~ Environment & Housing (Barnard, S.M., ed.). Logos Press, Washington, D.C. p. 89-94.
  • Delorme, M., Williams, K.J., and Halopulos, A.M. 2011. Environment and housing: New World nectarivorous bats. In: Bats in Captivity, Volume 3: Diet & Feeding ~ Environment & Housing (Barnard, S.M., ed.). Logos Press, Washington, D.C. p. 383-385.
  • Vallender R., Gagnon J.-P. and Lovette I. 2009. An Intergeneric Wood-Warbler Hybrid (Mniotilta varia × Dendroica coronata) and Use of Multilocus DNA Analyses to Diagnose Avian Hybrid Origins. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology: Vol. 121, Issue 2, p. 298-305.

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