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The Secrets of Gravity

The Secrets of Gravity
The secrets of gravity
  • Type: family show
  • Audience: ages 7 and up
  • Length: 27 minutes

More than a century after the famous Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity, his research findings remain just as relevant. The theory makes it possible to describe gravitation in a more comprehensive way, explaining it as a force produced by the deformation of space-time by massive bodies in the Universe. Now the 360° fulldome animated film The Secrets of Gravity gives a wonderfully clear illustration for audiences of all ages of complex concepts such as gravity and the deformation of space-time. Thanks to the magic of the latest technological advances, the film combines fascinating facts with a touching story that takes them on a journey where gravitation in the Universe (and gravity as we know it on Earth) reveals all its power over the Universe and our lives.

Technical informations

  • Produced by
    Softmachine Immersive Productions
  • Coproduction by
    ARRI Media
    Konica Minolta Planetarium Co. Ltd.
    Alexandra Kapusta
    Peter Popp GbR
  • Voiced by
    Glen McCready
    Emma Tate
    Wayne Forrester

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