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Space for Life sustainable development policy

Graph showing the axes of intervention of the Montréal Space for Life sustainable development policy
Photo: Espace pour la vie
Sustainable development - graph

A long-term commitment

Eager to align its operations with responsible, exemplary practices, Espace pour la vie is fully committed to realizing the socio-ecological transition set out in Montréal 2030.

A study is currently under way on the environmental footprint of all our operations, paving the way for its lasting reduction.

At the same time, Space for Life has adopted a sustainable development policy to guide its decisions and ensure their environmental impact is given due consideration. Every operation must serve to enhance the quality of life of its personnel and the community at large.

11 objectives

At Space for Life, our commitment to sustainable development applies to the following areas:

  • Biodiversity;
  • Natural and cultural heritage;
  • Environmentally responsible practices;
  • Waste management;
  • Natural resource management;
  • Sustainable transportation;
  • Ecodesign;
  • Information, awareness and education;
  • Governance and the workplace;
  • Economic activity;
  • Social engagement.


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