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Sustainable development policy

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Our commitment

The Montréal Space for Life’s commitment to sustainable development is part of our plan to move towards a model of responsibility and sustainability that is inspirational. Historically, we have all, in our own way and according to our means, worked unceasingly to develop methods that match our values. Nature is at the heart of our activities; it is our motivation, our inspiration and our raison d’être. Furthermore, we hope to help people live in better harmony with nature, through our educational, research, communication and conservation activities.


The goal of this approach is to minimize our impact on the environment while improving harmony and quality of life within the organization and promoting equality between individuals, populations and generations.

Guiding principles

This policy is based on the following principles:

  • Conservation and research: Be on the leading edge when it comes to acquiring scientific knowledge regarding biodiversity.
  • Sustainable management: Manage Montréal Space for Life facilities and operations in a way that is sustainable and respectful of the environment.
  • Communication and education: Share scientific knowledge with the scientific community and the public at large.
  • Citizen movement: Initiate a citizen movement aimed at bringing humankind closer to nature.


Conservation and research objectives


Protect biodiversity and living environments and help them thrive through concrete actions involving research, education and in on-site/ex situ conservation activities.

Natural and cultural heritage:

Contribute to the preservation and sharing of our natural and cultural heritage through collections, exhibitions, events and the involvement of the institutions on a local scale.

Sustainable management objectives

Green practices:

Adopt green practices. Reduce purchasing and give priority to socially and environmentally committed suppliers as a way of sharing the responsibility.

Waste management:

Move towards a “zero waste, zero carbon” objective by optimizing the use of resources and reducing environmental impact through the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, recover) and eliminating waste at the source in all of our spheres of activity.

Natural resource management:

Promote sound management of water and energy by emphasizing reduction at the source, by reducing the impact of our use with concrete methods and by favouring alternative energies.

Sustainable transportation:

Reduce and compensate for greenhouse gas emission by promoting sustainable transportation practices for employee and visitor travel, whether getting to or around the institutions, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Comply with the highest ecodesign standards in our design, maintenance and construction projects.

Communication and education objectives

Information, awareness and education:

Integrate the concept of sustainable development into all of Space for Life’s spheres of activity, in order to inform, educate and raise the awareness of employees, visitors and partners of the issues related to this reality.

Economic activity:

Become a major force in the eastern part of the island of Montréal by contributing to its revitalization and economic growth.

Grassroots movement objectives

Governance and the workplace:

Offer proper tools and a stimulating workplace that promotes fulfilment for all, with respect to principles of equity, responsibility and transparency, as well as maintaining ties that unite us through honest, respectful conversation and the sharing of our knowledge and know-how.

Social engagement:

Get involved in local and international communities by promoting ethical and responsible partnerships in order to generate positive benefits for communities. This commitment is supported by the Montréal Space for Life charter of citizen participation.

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