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Together with COP15 to protect biodiversity

Together with COP15 to protect biodiversity

What is COP15?

From December 7 to 19, Montreal is welcoming COP15, an international summit on biodiversity. The acronym "COP" refers to "Conference of the Parties," the "parties" being the signatory countries to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). This major meeting brings together all countries that have signed and are bound by the convention. The number 15 indicates that this is the 15th Conference of the Parties on biodiversity to be held since the very first meeting in 1994.

There are COPs on climate (such as COP27 that was recently held in Egypt) and COPs on biodiversity, such as COP15. Unlike the COPs on climate, which take place every year, the COPs on biodiversity are held about every two years. Their purpose is to take stock of the progress made, make amendments to the content of previously negotiated texts, and set new goals. In concrete terms, all countries must agree on a common action plan to restore and protect biodiversity, at a time when our planet is at a point of no return.

Montréal Space for life contributes to the protection of biodiversity

The issues at stake at COP15 are directly linked to the reasons behind Montréal Space for Life’s very existence and actions. At the heart of our museums, an experienced interdisciplinary team of 21 researchers is involved in several national and international programs for the conservation of species at risk. Through these collaborations and the implementation of large-scale participatory science programs such as the Biodiversity Challenge and the Mon Jardin program, our teams are helping to halt the unprecedented loss of biodiversity, accelerated by climate change. Efforts are being made to prevent the disappearance of species native to Quebec such as the monarch butterfly, the wood turtle and the striped chorus frog, and threatened plants such as the American ginseng, Mingan thistle, copper redhorse and wild garlic.

Our experts also contribute to urban ecology and plant conservation projects as well as to the search for solutions to environmental problems. All of these efforts aim, among other things, to understand the origin of biodiversity and its evolution in space and time in order to better protect it. Through our research and conservation activities, and with the support of the Montréal Space for Life Foundation, we play a major role in safeguarding biodiversity.

The Montréal Space for Life blog covers a wide range of nature-related topics. Find out more about:

Donate to the Montréal Space for Life Foundation's Endangered Species Fund to boost Montréal Space for Life's conservation and research work on threatened species. By making a donation, you are supporting activities that are crucial for the future of the planet.

Visit our museums on December 10 and 11, 2022 free of charge

To celebrate the importance of preserving biodiversity, Montréal Space for Life is opening the doors to its institutions and offering you free access to its five museums on December 10 and 11. Book your free ticket via our online ticket service.

Montréal Space for Life makes room for COP15

  • Come and meet our facilitators at specially set up kiosks in each museum to learn more about our conservation programs led by our scientific teams and discover how you can take action in your daily life to maximize the positive impact on biodiversity.
  • See the movie Continuum (in the Chaos Theatre) or Celestial Chronicles (in the Milky Way Theatre), both presented non-stop at the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan. You must book your seat via our online ticket service.
  • Take part at the Biosphère:
    • in a discussion between artists and scientists who address the theme of biodiversity that is central to their practice.
    • in a playful and collaborative workshop to discover the systemic aspects of biodiversity erosion: What is it? What are its effects? What causes it?
  • Come and hear the Insectarium director Maxim Larrivée speak about the role of community science in protecting biodiversity, as part of the Public Action Zone, organized by Réseau Environnement in conjunction with COP15.
    • December 14 at 11:05 a.m.
    • At the Grand Quai of the Port of Montreal
    • Free of charge
    • Registration required
  • Stop by the Quartier des spectacles, on the Promenade des artistes, to see the ice sculpture of the polar bear, symbol of species decline.
  • Take part in the Great March for Biodiversity on December 10 organized by the Collectif de la société civile québécoise pour la COP15.
  • Drop by the Biosphère and the Biodôme between December 7 and 19 to have your picture taken and show your commitment to biodiversity!
    Free area

    Don't have the time? You can still make a difference by sharing your commitment on your networks. With the following hashtags, influence your friends and invite them to do the same!

    #I commit to taking a positive step for biodiversity

For details on each of these activities, visit the Events page on our web calendar.

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