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Trace the History of Evolution

Trace the history of evolution
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In 2019, Space for Life explores nature and biodiversity through the lens of evolution. How have phenomena taking place over thousands of years resulted in the fascinating history of life on our planet? An exciting story to investigate and discover!

Evolution in bloom

One of the great revolutions in the plant kingdom was the appearance of flowers. They didn’t actually arrive until late in the evolutionary process, about 130 million years ago, but when they did they radically transformed the face of the world. Let’s take a look at a successful seduction technique!  

Adaptation drives life

Natural selection lets species evolve over time and adapt to a constantly changing environment. It has led to species that are able to fly for thousands of kilometres to migrate, and others that hide in plain sight or live in symbiotic relationships. These phenomena can take millennia...  

From the Big Bang to Planet Earth: evolution on a cosmic scale

Living species aren’t the only ones shaped by evolution: the Universe itself underwent some extraordinary changes that allowed life to appear.  

Deconstructing the family tree

Did you know that dolphins are more closely related to cows than to sharks? And that crocodiles have more family ties to birds than to lizards? Over the past 50 years or so, discoveries in genetics have uprooted the universal tree of life as it was long imagined.  


In this painting is a standing human being with a line of energy emerging from the centre of his head, exactly where the fontanelle is, and running toward the circle, representing the place where he began. The ancients called the first human beings in Creation “Nehirowisiwok” ...  

Witnesses to evolution

Scientists have to look to the past to help them understand the phenomenon of evolution. Fortunately for them, nature has retained traces of its lengthy history.  

Nature under the influence

We often tend to think that species evolve without any influence from humankind. In fact the opposite is true: since many of our actions alter the environment, they necessarily also affect the way plants and animals adapt to these changes.  


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