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We Are Stars

Photo: Espace pour la vie
We Are Stars

What are we made of? Where did the matter that surrounds us come from? We Are Stars offers answers to the greatest questions of all time in an exploratory journey across the Universe. Blast off in search of the secrets and explosive origins of the cosmos and see how life on Earth is linked to the evolution of the Universe itself.

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Technical information

Producer: Paul Mowbray

Director: Max Crow

Script Writers: Max Crow, Dr. Jenny Shipway

CG Supervisor: Ian Smith

Computer Animation and Design: Aaron Bradbury, Max Crow, Philip Day, Austin Durose, Ahmed Hussein, Pauls Kalnenieks, James Lewis, Antonio Mossucca, Harvinderjit Randhawa, Ian Smith, Liam Wardle

Production Manager: Anne Akande

Production Assistant: Ruth Coalson

Studio Systems Administrator: Sam Krysiak

Music Composer: Rhian Sheehan

Education Advisors: Sophie Allan, Zoe Baily, Josh Barker, Andy McMurray

Science Advisors:

University of Leicester: Dr. Richard Alexander, Prof. Andrew Blain, Dr. Sarah Casewell, Dr. Lewis Dartnell

University of York: Dr. Alison Laird, Dr. Louisa Preston

Early Galaxy Formation Sequence: Prof. Richard Bower, Stuart Mcalpine, Institute for Computational Cosmology, Durham University

Geothermal Vents Scan Data: Dr. Tom Kwasnitschka, GEOMAR Helmholtz, Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

French adaptation of narration: Planétarium de Saint-Étienne

Adaptation of visual content for French version: Montréal Space for Life and NSC Creative

Narration: Andy Serkis

Type of show: multimedia

Location: Chaos Theatre

Length: 26 minutes


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