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Winners of the Henry Teuscher Award

Pierre Dénommé - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2022
Pierre Dénommé - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2022
  • Pierre Dénommé - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2022
  • Danielle Dagenais - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2019
  • André Poliquin
  • Yves Gagnon - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2017
  • Bertrand Dumont
  • Claude Vallée - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2015
  • Albert Mondor
  •  Isabelle Dupras - Winner of the Henry Teuscher award 2013
  • Francis H. Cabot - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2012
  • Hélène Leclerc - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2011
  • Jacques-André Rioux - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2010
  • Alexander Reford - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2009
  • Jean-Claude Vigor - Winner of the Henry Teuscher Award, 2008

Previous winners, 1999 to 2022

  • Pierre Dénommé  (2022)
    A precursor of the socioecological transition, Pierre Dénommé has concerned himself with bringing humans closer to nature by way of three areas of intervention: rallying, educating and greening. He has worked towards the renaturalization of abandoned land in a downtown struggling with social issues by bringing together citizens, organizations and marginalized populations. Grouped under the name Circuit jardins, these eight thematic gardens give green spaces back to Montrealers and contribute to increasing urban biodiversity with plants, birds and butterflies. Pierre Dénommé also has left his mark in his native Témiscamingue, where he founded the Becs et Jardins interpretation center.

  • Marc Légaré  (2021)
    A true walking encyclopedia and outstanding popular science writer, Marc Légaré has contributed to the advancement of ornamental horticulture across the province for over 44 years. Of these, 31 were spent as nursery adviser at the IQDHO, Québec's Center of Expertise in Ornemental Horticulture. Always on the lookout for his sector's latest developments, this industry icon has a solid track record. He can even be proud of having an Eastern larch named after him at the Scullion Garden, the Larix laricina "Marc Légaré"!

  • Maurice Beauchamp  (2020)
    A man of leadership, Maurice Beauchamp has devoted more than 33 years to the Jardin botanique de Montréal and has horticultural and administrative knowledge that has led him to play a major role in this field in Québec. Studying horticulture in the early 1950s within this great institution, he successively became a gardener, foreman, assistant superintendent, chief arborist and superintendent. This horticultural enthusiast notably carried out brilliantly the important project "Villes, Villages et Campagnes fleuris" entrusted to him by the former Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Jean Garon.

  • Danielle Dagenais  (2019)
    Director of the school of urban planning and landscape architecture at the Université de Montréal and associate professor, Prof. Dagenais is a specialist in horticulture, phytotechnologies, plant identification, ecology and gardening. She is interested in biodiversity, plant-human relations, the ecological discourse of landscape architecture and the concept of urban nature. An associate researcher with the Chair in Landscape and Environment at the Université de Montréal (CPEUM) and the UNESCO Chair in Landscape and Environment at the Université de Montréal (CUPEUM), her research deals with the implementation of green infrastructure and adaptation to climate change.

  • André Poliquin  (2018)
    A well-known scientific communicator for Quebec's horticulture enthusiasts, André Poliquin has been sharing his love of clematises, roses and orchids for nearly 40 years. In the course of his career – as the author of reference books, as a lecturer, and as president of the Orchidophiles de Québec and the Québec Rose Society – he has passed on his passion for plants and his knowledge with great generosity and infectious enthusiasm.

  • Yves Gagnon  (2017)
    Forty years ago, when few people had even heard of organic gardening, Yves Gagnon decided to make it his mission. Among his most noteworthy accomplishments, of course, are Les jardins du Grand-Portage, in Saint-Didace. In this two-acre space, he created an organic vegetable garden and designed English- and Oriental-style gardens where he grows medicinal and ornamental plants as well as vegetables and herbs. His books on horticulture became key reference works on organic gardening in Quebec, and have continued to influence new generations of gardeners.

  • Bertrand Dumont (2016)
    Educator, columnist and very popular speaker, Bertrand Dumont has helped to promote the joys of gardening and plants. His greatest accomplishment, though, is definitely his time from 1994 to 2003 as editor of Fleurs, Plantes et Jardins magazine, a specialized publication that had a monthly readership of over 800,000 – unparalleled success for this type of magazine.

    Claude Vallée (2015)
    Agronomist, teacher and technological-innovation coordinator in horticulture at the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire. He has over 25 years of ornamental-horticulture experience in the areas of production, teaching and innovation, as well as in horticulture-related communications.

  • Albert Mondor (2014)
    Albert Mondor has a diploma in ornamental horticulture and a degree in plant biology. He enjoys writing and sharing his ideas about horticulture and has been a garden designer for over thirty years. Mr. Mondor was recognized for his exceptional contribution to the advancement of horticultural knowledge in Quebec.
  • Isabelle Dupras (2013)
    With a background as a landscape architect, Isabelle Dupras has spent more than 20 years promoting and preserving the native flora of Québec. Ms. Dupras has been recognized for her meaningful contribution to the advancement of Québec ornamental horticulture.
  • Francis H. Cabot (2012)
    Horticultural enthusiast, owner of the Jardins de Quatre-Vents, American philanthropist who contributed to the growth of horticulture in Québec and to the promotion of heritage and culture in the Charlevoix region.
  • Hélène Leclerc (2011)
    Executive Director of the Fondation du Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière, an exceptional heritage site and one of the most beautiful gardens in North America.
  • Jacques-André Rioux (2010)
    Professor for over 20 years, key player in the creation of the very popular horticulture program at Université Laval.
  • Elsie Reford (posthumously) and Alexander Reford (2009)
    Founder and director of Reford Gardens / Jardin de Métis.
  • Jean-Claude Vigor (2008)
    Professor at the ITA and horticultural columnist at Radio-Canada.
  • Émile Jacqmain (2007)
    Horticulturist and superintendent of the Jardin botanique de Montréal, responsible for its exceptional development and modernization.
  • Fred Oehmichen (2006)
    Landscape architect and horticulturist, expert on grasses and owner of Oka fleurs.
  • Daniel A. Séguin (2005)
    Agronomist, professor at the ITA, initiator of the horticulture event in Saint-Hyacinthe and a pioneer in training professional horticulturists in Québec.
  • Gaëtan Hamel (2004)
    Founder of the Centre Jardin Hamel.
  • Milan B. Havlin (2003)
    Landscape architect, professor at the ITA and founder of Milan B. Havlin Prize.
  • Henri and Camille Perron (2002) 
    Horticulturists and founders of W.H. Perron Ltd.
  • Wilfrid Meloche (2001)
    One of Mr. Teuscher’s co-workers, professor at the Institut de technologie agricole de Saint-Hyacinthe (ITA) and head of the Garden’s greenhouses.
  • Roger Van Den Hende (2000)
    Professor emeritus with the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science at Université Laval, landscape architect and founder of the Roger Van Den Hende Garden.
  • Tony Huber (1999)
    Horticulturist and iris breeder.

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