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Young inquiring minds

Young inquiring minds

A host of suggestions to satisfy the restless curiosity of little ones... and their parents!


Les capsules questions-réponses

Questions and answers videos »
Do all bees make honey? What is a shooting star? Do animals sleep? Our experts answer these questions, and many more!

Witnessing the course of evolution<br />

Witnessing the course of evolution »
A fascinating journey through time! A series of 4 videos to understand how, after millions of years, the universe, plants and insects have evolved.

Suivez le monarque

Follow the monarch »
Where do monarchs go in winter? How long do they live? Why are they important? Watch this series of 6 videos and find out!


When it comes to explaining certain natural phenomena, a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words!

Phytotechnologie's poster

Phytotechnologie's poster »
See how plants can also be true natural "machines".

Illustration of the birth of the Earth

Illustration of the birth of the Earth »
This is what the earth looked like at the time of its birth.

Simple and fun activities

Here's a variety of home activities for curious and creative youngsters who love mini-projects!


Elementary school

For ages 4 to 7

For ages 8 to 12

Age 12 and up

Join the discussion!

Each day of the week, our experts answer your questions related to astronomy, botany and entomology.

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