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This is our 6th year since we created a garden to attract/save/protect bees and butterflies.

Our garden consists of many varieties of coneflowers, buddleias, cosmos, lavender, sedums, milkweeds, and many others. We also have a large section of raspberries, a cherry tree, a magnolia tree, a Japanese lilac tree and two three season lilac bushes. I've also added this year the purple flowering raspberry plant to my garden.

This year when we were home, we counted 35 days that we saw a monarch or more in our garden giving us a total of 44 monarchs, four times we had two at a time , once we had three at a time, once we had four at a time and the other 29 days we saw only one. 10 monarchs were spotted in July, 16 in August and 18 in September. There were a lot of bees, a lot of cabbage whites, a red admiral and a few clear wing sphinx moths besides the other kind of insects. Four swallowtails were spotted on July 28th, August 11th, August 13th and the 11th of September this year. Also a beautiful Mourning cloak butterfly was spotted in my garden on July 10th as seen in pics.

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