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This year was the second year that our family was completely vegetarian so we based our garden around nutritious and filling vegetables, edible flowers and medicinal herbs to last the year. I always try to preserve my own food and I love to make my own teas so I chose heirloom vegetables to protect our biodiversity and local flowers and herbs. Always protecting our native bee population, I chose pollinator- friendly bee balm, borage, motherwort, luffa squash and calendula to brighten our area.
All heirloom tomatoes, peppers, squash and okra will be preserved and all our herbs and flowers will be dehydrated to last the year. I make my own balms and tinctures so this year we will have not only dandelion honey, a repeat favorite, but also calendula diaper balm and dandelion bitters. Zero-waste as much as possible!
From ordering the seeds in January, to planting out our seedlings in May, I tried to be as earth friendly as possible using resusable planting equipment, organic soils and zero pesticides. I practice no till gardening to ensure a healthy soil and always rotate crop location to avoid pest issues rather then spraying. Due to our tasty edible garden, we did experience lots of bunny activity but my children loved watching them. I think next year I will grow a salad garden just for them!

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