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The Great Gardening Weekend 2022

The Great Gardening Weekend 2022

Gardening is about the privilege of getting close to nature. It’s also a great opportunity to build bonds with others. In this spirit of sharing, our Great Gardening Weekend theme this year is “The garden as a meeting place.”

The conferences (In French only)

Cultiver des communautés solidaires

Roundtable discussion moderated by Julie Corbeil Walsh of Espace pour la vie with: Marie-Anne Viau - President of Cultiver Montréal; Sylvie Chamberland - Co-Executive Director of Carrefour Solidaire, community food centre; Magali Casaubon - Manager of the urban agriculture program at Santropol Roulant

Learn about urban agriculture projects that help build supportive and resilient communities

La culture de légumes asiatiques biologiques au Québec

Speaker: Stéphanie Wang, founder of Le Rizen and co-editor of the book 'Légumes asiatiques : jardiner, cuisiner, raconter' to be published by Parfum d'encre

Step into the world of Asian vegetables and bring something new to your garden... and your plate!

Notre jardin nourricier… nourricier bien au-delà de la panse!

Speaker: Martin Boisvert, permaculturist, founder of Néo-Terra, coordinator and initiator of a unique collective permaculture project in Saint-Isidore, Beauce

Draw inspiration from a permaculture project that sprouted in a community in Beauce, a great source of abundance—from the garden to the forest to the chicken coop...

Jardiner en famille : semer des graines... on a jamais si bien dit!

Speaker: Julie Boudreau, teacher at the Centre de formation horticole de Laval as well as publisher and editor of Planète Jardin

A conference brimming with anecdotes and experiences on the activities that are most likely to awaken your child's 'nature' side

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