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LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., T. DESVIGNES, E. SHEEHAN, C. BELZILE, A. SAVOIE, J. BEIRAO, JH POSTLETHWAIT & WH DETRICH. (Soumis) Toward controlled breeding of the blackfin icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus (Löonberg 1906): determination of spermatozoa concentration and evaluation of short- and long-term preservation of semen.  Polar Biology

HUNTER-MANSEAU, F., V. DESROSIERS, N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, F. DUFRESNE, H.W. DETRICH III, C. NOZAIS & P.U. BLIER.  (2019) From Africa to Antarctica:  exploring the architecture of fish heart mitochondria across a wide thermal range.  Frontiers in Physiology 04 October 2019 |

DESVIGNES, T., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, L.C. GOETZ, S.S. SMITH, K.A. SHUSDOCK, S.K. PARKER, J.H. POSTLETHWAIT & H.W. DETRICH III (2019) Interspecific hybrids inform reproductive isolating barriers in the Antarctic icefishes radiation.  Scientific Reports 9: 5989

CASSIDY, A., P.U. BLIER, N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, P.Jr.MORIN & S.G. LAMARRE  (2018) Effects of fasting and refeeding on protein and glucose metabolism in Arctic charr. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 226: 66-74.

DUPONT-CYR, B.-A., H. TVEITEN, G.W. VANDENBERG, R.L. ROY, P.U. BLIER & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS (2018) Characterization of the growth rate of adult wolffishes Anarhichas minor and A. lupus:  is avoidance of paternal care at the origin of the expression of a sexual size dimorphism? Aquaculture 497: 24-31. 

DUPONT CYR, B.-A., TVEITEN, H., MALTAIS, D., VANDENBERG, G.W. & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS.  (2018)  Photoperiod manipulation for the reproductive management of captive wolffish populations Anarhichas minor and A. lupus.  Aquaculture International 26: 1051-1065.

TREMBLAY-GRATTON, A., J.-C. BOUSSIN, É. TAMIGNEAUX, G.W. VANDENBERG & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS.  (2018)  Bioremediation efficiency of Palmaria palmata and Ulva lactuca for use in a fully recirculated cold-seawater naturalistic exhibit: effect of temperature and high NO3 and PO4 concentrations. Journal of Applied Phycology 30(2): 1295-1304.

LE FRANÇOIS N.R., E. SHEEHAN, T. DESVIGNES, C. BELZILE, J. POSTLETHWAIT & W.H. DETRICH III. (2017) Characterization and husbandry of wild broodstock of blackfin icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus (Lönnberg 1906) from Palmer Archipelago (Antarctic Peninsula) for breeding purposes. Polar Biology 40(12): 2499-2516

TREMBLAY-GRATTON, A., J.-C. BOUSSIN, A. BENNACHI, E. TAMIGNEAUX, G.W. VANDENBERG & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS. 2017 Implementation of sulfur-based denitrification in a large-scale fully recirculated cold-seawater aquarium:  a sustainability practice.  Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 5:104-108.

POSTLETHWAIT, J.H., Y.-L. YAN, T. DESVIGNES, C. ALLARD, T. TITUS, N.R. LE FRANÇOIS & H.W. DETRICH III  (2016) Embryogenesis and early skeletogenesis in the Antarctic Bullhead notothen, Notothenia coriiceps.  Developmental Dynamics 245 : 1066-1080

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., S. PICQ, A. SAVOIE, J.C. BOUSSIN, E. WONG, L. MISSEREY, S. ROJAS, J.-P. GENET & S. PLANTE  (2015)  Coupling salinity reduction to aquatic animal well-being and ecosystem representativeness at the Biodôme de Montréal.  Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 3(2): 70-76.

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., S. TREMBLAY-BOURGEOIS, B.-A. DUPONT CYR, A. SAVOIE, R.L. ROY, A.K. IMSLAND & T.J. BENFEY (2013) Cortisol and behavioural response to handling (acute) and confinement (chronic) stressors in juvenile spotted wolffish, Anarhichas minor: a distinct cold-water aquaculture species.  Journal of Applied Aquaculture  25: 248-264.

SAVOIE, A., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, L. BEAULIEU, S.G. LAMARRE, P.U. BLIER & C. CAHU (2011) Dietary protein hydrolysate and trypsin inhibitor effects on digestive capacities and growth during early-stages of the spotted wolffish (Anarhichas minor):  suggested mechanisms.  Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 158:525-530. 

KOEDIJK, R., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, P.U. BLIER, A. FOSS, A. FOLKVORD, D. DITLECADET, S. G. LAMARRE, S.O. STEFANSSON & A.K. IMSLAND (2010) Ontogenetic effects of diet during early development on growth performance, myosin mRNA expression and metabolic enzyme activity in cod juveniles at different salinities. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology-Molecular and integrative physiology 156: 102-109.

LAMARRE, S.G., P.U. BLIER, W.R. DRIEDZIC & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS (2010) White muscle 20S proteasome activity is negatively correlated to growth rate at low temperature in the spotted wolffish Anarhichas minor (Olafsen). Journal of Fish Biology 76:  1656-1675.

GAUDREAU, C.M., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, H. TVEITEN & P.U. BLIER (2009) Characterization of the early-stages of the wolffish hybrid Anarhichas minor × A. lupus: conservation and aquaculture applications.  Aquatic Living Resources Volume 22:  371-377.

LAMARRE, S.G., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, W. DREIDZIC & P.U. BLIER (2009) Low acclimation temperature induces compensation of proteasome 20S but not protein synthesis in juvenile spotted wolfish (Anarhichas minor, Olafsen).  Journal of Experimental Biology 212: 1294-1301

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., A. SAVOIE & S.I. SIIKAVUOPIO (2008) Gill metabolic and osmoregulatory responses of Atlantic cod juvenile (Gadus morhua) to chronic ammonia exposure.  Journal of Applied Ichthyology 24:  112-115.

GRÜNBAUM, T., R. CLOUTIER, P.M. MABEE & N.R. LE FRANÇOIS (2007) Early ontogenetic developmental plasticity and integrative response in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus):  effects of water velocity on body size and shape.  Journal of Experimental Zoology 308B: 396-408.

LAMARRE, S.G., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, H. LEMIEUX, I.-B. FALK-PETERSEN & P.U. BLIER (2007) The digestive and metabolic enzyme activity profiles of a non-metamorphic marine fish species: effect of feed type and feeding level.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 64: 849-856.

DESJARDINS, M., N.R. LE FRANÇOIS, G. FLETCHER & P.U.BLIER (2006) Seasonal modulation of plasma antifreeze protein levels in Atlantic (Anarhichas lupus) and spotted wolffish (A. minor).  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 335: 142-150.

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., S. LAMARRE & P.U. BLIER (2005) Is white muscle anaerobic glycolysis capacity indicative of competitive ability in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)? Journal of Fish Biology 66:  1167-1176

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., LEMIEUX, H. & P.U. BLIER (2002) Biological and technical evaluation of the potential of marine and anadromous fish species for cold-water mariculture. Aquaculture Research 33:  95-108.

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R. & P.U. BLIER (2000) Branchial Na+K+ATPase activity in brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis) :  effect of gonadal development in hypo- and hyperosmotic environments.  Journal of Experimental Zoology 286 (5): 647-655.

LE FRANÇOIS, N.R., BLIER, P.U., ADAMBOUNOU, L.T. & M. LACROIX (1997) Alteration of gonadal development of brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis):  impact on salinity tolerance following transfer in estuarine conditions.  Journal of Experimental Zoology 279 : 273-283




Charles D. Johnson. MSc Sciences Animales, U Laval. Nucleotide inclusion in feed of 1+ food restricted  Salvelinus alpinus (Nauyuk strain):  assessment of the effects on growth performance (Le François Lamarre & Vandenberg).

Bernard-Antonin Dupont Cyr, PhD UQAR Charr (S. fontinalis and S. alpinus) and their hybrids:  omega-3, lipid metabolism and gene expression. (Blier & Le François).

Anne Tremblay-Gratton, MSc Sciences Animales, U Laval.  Évaluation de l'efficacité d'un biofiltre à macroalgues marines pour la réduction des nitrates et phosphates dans les bassins d'exposition du Biodôme de Montréal (Le François, Tamigneaux & Vandenberg).


Projets en cours


-Derome, N. & N.R. Le François.  RAS-K+, un système d’incubation en recirculation pour les écloseries de salmonidés.  Innovamer/MAPAQ

-Dufresne, F., P.U. Blier, C. Herbinger & N.R. Le François Intégration et validation de nouveaux marqueurs moléculaires à des fins de contrôle de la consanguinité et d’amélioration du pedigree chez l’omble chevalier.  Innovamer/MAPAQ

-Le François, N.R., J. Prégent, MS Poissant, J.-C. Boussin.  Atténuation de l’érosion côtière par l’implantation de récifs ensemencés de macroalgues dans la région Gaspésie - Îles-de-la-Madeleine : détermination  en conditions contrôlées des effets du courant et du substrat sur la fixation et le développement des gamétophytes.   Fonds pour la restauration côtière (FRC)

-Le François, N.R., S.G. Lamarre & G.W. Vandenberg.   Essais de restriction-réalimentation cycliques à grande échelle chez S. alpinus (Nauyuk et Fraser) et S. fontinalis (Baldwin): caractérisation de la croissance compensatoire. (Le François & Vandenberg) Innovamer/MAPAQ

-Blier, P.U. et al.  New biochemical and molecular markers to evaluate health and predict stress tolerance in fish (wild and commercial populations).  NSERC-CRSNG Stratégique

-Detrich et al. Protein folding and embryogenesis in Antarctic fishes.  National Science Foundation (NSF)

-Dufresne, F. & N.R. Le François.  Développement d’une expertise génétique pour établir les liens de parenté dans la population captive de guillemots marmettes, Uria aalge, du Biodôme de Montréal : identification et validation de nouveaux marqueurs microsatellites. 

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