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What’s new at the Biodôme

From the Atrium, you can access the ecosystem of our choice.
Photo: Space for Life (Mathieu Rivard)
A host of visit trails
  • A host of visit trails
  • New perspectives
  • New perspectives
  • New perspectives
  • Ever more immersive
  • Ever more immersive
  • A downloadable mobile application
  • New animals in augmented reality
  • A behind-the-scenes exhibit on the Biodôme

The Montréal Biodôme is a living environment that offers a new experience every time you visit! Whether it's the sloth that decides to get moving, the Laurentian Maple Forest that changes colour in the fall, or the penguins that enter molting season, a visit to the Biodôme is never exactly the same.

Since its reopening in 2020, the Biodôme offers a renewed experience and some new features:

A host of visit trails and a new mezzanine

Once you have passed the entrance hall, you enter an atrium from which you can build your own route according to your wishes. The Biodôme can thus be discovered at your own pace. From the atrium, you can go from one ecosystem to the next, but you can also retrace your steps to take a closer look at an element that piqued your curiosity or to move to another ecosystem in any order you like.

Located at the very top of the Biodôme, a brand-new mezzanine offers new views and a whole new perspective on the Tropical Rainforest, the Laurentian Maple Forest and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Access to this new space bathed in natural light is via walkways located in the Tropical Rainforest and the Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystems. Along the way, it is easier to observe the animals and plants that live there at various heights.

On the new mezzanine, the new Bio-machine exhibition area provides a behind-the-scenes view of the Biodôme. Young and old alike will surely enjoy learning all about what is being done to reproduce, under one roof, the five ecosystems of the Americas.

A visit to the Montréal Biodôme is a truly immersive experience! And to reinforce the feeling of immersion, visitors pass through a tunnel and walk alongside a wall of ice that separates the "Sub-Antarctic Islands" ecosystem where penguins live from the "Labrador Coast" ecosystem. Why is that? First, you get a better view of the birds and get to feel the cold weather of the Labrador Coast, and second, because these two ecosystems are in entirely different hemispheres.

A downloadable mobile application

To add to the sense of immersion, satisfy the curiosity of visitors and get closer to nature, the Biodôme has opted for a mobile application rather than traditional information panels. Visitors can now access complete fact sheets on the flora and fauna of the Biodôme, video excerpts to better understand certain behaviours of interest, and additional information on habitats in natural environments.

By using the mobile application to visit the Biodôme, you can even observe animals in augmented reality - an original way to present emblematic animals of the ecosystems of the Americas that are not found at the Biodôme.

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