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Volunteer guide.
Photo: Jardin botanique de Montréal (Karine Vendette)
Volunteer guide.

Space for Life offers you, through its societies of friends, many volunteer experiences and advantages. Would you like to share your passion and talent with our institutions? Join the hundreds of volunteers that work for our societies.

Friends of the Montréal Botanical Garden

The Friends of the Montréal Botanical Garden has the largest number of volunteers (more than 300 to date) out of all our societies of friends. Please note that the Garden does not offer horticultural volunteer opportunities in plant maintenance, but the Friends offer many other possibilities to show your appreciation for the Jardin botanique and contribute to its enrichment.

Become a volunteer guide

Some 40 members of the Friends of the Botanical Garden are volunteer guides. They offer, for the pleasure of our visitors, guided tours of the greenhouses and outdoor gardens in different languages throughout the year. A 6-month training session is provided to help them carry out their duties.

To volunteer for the Friends of the Botanical Garden, you must first be a member.

Would you like to give your time and talent to one of the biggest gardens in the world? Contact the Friends of the Botanical Garden today!

Information: 514 872-1493

Volunteer for our societies

Would you like to use your passion for entomology, ecology or astronomy as a volunteer? Please contact our societies of friends directly:

Society of Friends of the Biodôme – 514 868-3098

Friends of the Insectarium – 514 872-7077

Montréal Planetarium Society of Astronomy

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