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Insects and other arthropods

Observing insects

Many insects take on the colour of their surroundings in order to blend into them, imitating the form of bird droppings, another insect or part of a plant.
Photo: Insectarium de Montréal (Claude Pilon)
Grasshopper, Québec Canada.
  • Grasshopper, Québec Canada.
  • Photographing arthropods.

Observing arthropods is a window into an unknown universe that is very different from our own. You’ll discover a mysterious and colourful world of odd shapes and unusual behaviour. Paying attention to these small creatures enables us to appreciate their diversity, study their behaviour, understand their adaptations and realize the importance of their activities for environmental quality.

A special relationship with nature!

Taking an interest in arthropods in their living environment helps you stay in touch with nature while developing environmental awareness. Succumbing to the attraction of these creatures, with their multiple shapes and sizes and surprising habits, is easy and inexpensive – just open your eyes wide!

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