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Common elderberry

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Common elderberry
Photo: Robert Mineau
Common elderberry
  • Common elderberry
  • Common elderberry



Origin and description

Shrub native to Québec. An excellent choice for bird gardens. The little white flowers gathered in flattened bunches produce a fine effect in the summer. They turn into blackish fruit that are quickly consumed by birds.

Height: 2 to 3 m
2 to 3 m
: white, fragrant, June to July
Fruiting: purple-black, August to September, edible once cooked (do not eat the raw fruit)
Attractions for wildlife: attracts birds and pollinators


Common name

Common elderberry, black elderberry

Latin name (genus)

Sambucus canadensis

English common name

French common name


Growing conditions

Exposure: sun, semi-shade
Soil type: fresh, well-drained
Observation: rapid growth


  • Zone 3

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