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Since 1938, Youth Gardens activities have been introducing children to gardening and to healthy lifestyles. Eighty years later, Space for Life is still offering an ideal setting for youngsters by the thousand to develop their potential.

Every year, close to 400,000 children, accompanied by their parents, visit our various institutions. Some 100,000 students take part in one or another of our 50 activities, with preparatory and follow-up activities offered to teachers free of charge on our website. And every summer, children from 5 to 12 sign up for our fun scientific day camps in ecology, entomology and botany. They also take advantage of their visit and the many activities offered to gain an appreciation of astronomy.

Specialized teaching, rich in experiences

Space for Life contributes to training the rising generation thanks to undergraduate- and graduate-level university programs offered by researchers from the Jardin botanique de Montréal and the Institut de recherche en biologie végétale affiliated with Université de Montréal. The institute also participates in the professional horticulture training provided by the École des métiers de l’horticulture.

A knowledge sharing role

Space for Life plays a leading role through the dissemination of its knowledge and its expertise: articles for the general public, interviews with the media, and the circulation of technical information and scientific data. With over 4,500 pages of documentation on its Internet site, Space for Life is an invaluable source of information in astronomy, biology, botany, ecology and entomology.

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