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Biodôme research team

  •  Andrée Nault

    Montréal Biodôme

    Research interests and expertise

    Conservation, restoration, population dynamics, preparation or conservation plans and their implementation, control of threatened plants located in road construction projects, vulnerable and threatened plants, wild leek, American ginseng, green dragon, broad beech fern and false hop sedge.

  •  Claire Vasseur

    Montréal Biodôme

    Research interests and expertise
    • Agriculture
    • Forest soil fertility
    • Plant-soil interaction
    • Participatory research
  •  Nathalie R. Le François

    Montréal Biodôme

    Read her articles on our blog

    Research interests and expertise
    • Ecophysiology of sentinel fish species in northern environments (Salmonidae, Anarhichadidae, Gadidae).
    • Aquaculture/conservation.
    • Species diversification/selection.