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Jardin botanique salsa verde

Jardin botanique salsa verde
Jardin botanique salsa verde

With fall and the first frosts having shown up, what can you do with the green tomatoes that have not had time to ripen?

The Jardin botanique Restaurant team suggests making a salsa verde recipe, which is traditionally prepared with tomatillos, but in order to reduce food waste to a minimum, here is a delicious version with green tomatoes!

Jardin botanique salsa verde

  • Preparation : 15 minutes
  • Cooking : 1 h
  • Yields : 6 portions
Ingredients Quantity Method
Unripe green tomatoes 500 g Preheat the oven to 450◦F (230◦C).
Roast the whole tomatoes until you see some color.
Onion 250 ml Dice the onion.
Cider vinegar 30 ml Place all the ingredients in a pot.
Water 500 ml Simmer over medium heat for 45 minutes.
Lime juice 30 ml  
Cane sugar 15 ml  
Habanero pepper chocolate To taste  
Fresh coriander 1 bunch At the end, add the fresh herbs.
Chinese chive 1 bunch Crush the mixture.
Salt To taste Adjust the seasoning if needed.

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