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Preventive conservation program for scientific collections

Vespa mandarinia.
Photo: Insectarium de Montréal (René Limoges)
Vespa mandarinia.

The quality of a scientific collection is measured by its specimens, which represent sources of data for current and future generations of researchers. In addition to the usual, very detailed data that must accompany specimens (origin, habitat, date of collection, temperature, etc.), the other crucial factor is constant surveillance of their state of conservation. 

The Insectarium has implemented a program for maintenance and preventive conservation to optimize the conservation of its scientific collections. A full-time scientific collections technician monitors all of the specimens on a regular basis.

The team works in conjunction with the Canadian Conservation Institute to meet the highest standards of conservation, maintenance and prevention. 

Our employees have taken specialized training programs in conservation offered by the Société des musées québécois and the Canadian Conservation Institute. They keep up to date with conservation standards through specialized information from The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections.

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