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The Dome

A couple looks at the displays of naturalized insects in the Insectarium Dome.
Photo: Espace pour la vie/Mélanie Dusseault
A couple looks at insect displays in the Insectarium Dome.
  • A couple looks at insect displays in the Insectarium Dome.
  • The Insectarium Dome features showcases of naturalized insects.
  • A mother and her son are looking at some insects in the showcases of the Insectarium Dome.

The experience continues after Tête-à-Tête with the insects in a majestic spot. The Dome is a space with a nine-meter cathedral ceiling and rounded walls, enabling you to explore naturalized specimens.

A range of colors

The bend of the Dome walls supports two rows of 36 breathtaking showcases, in which some 3,000 naturalized specimens can be contemplated. In the upper row, species are spread out in a color-based arrangement, which makes for a stunning first glance when you arrive in the room.

Original themes

The lower row divides insects by evolutionary characteristics. Different categories like “Astonishing legs” and “Bizarre heads” by way of “Gigantic and minuscule” can be found here. The chosen themes allow for an appreciation of the diversity of insects and their adaptability over time.

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