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FAQ - Espace pour la vie Passport

What is the Espace pour la vie passport? What does it give access to?

The Passport allows unlimited access to the Espace pour la vie museums upon reservation and subject to availability (self-guided visits to sites and shows at the Planétarium). All special activities are not included.

The Espace pour la vie Passport also gives access to privileges such as discounts at restaurants, gift shops and day camps.

How long is the Espace pour la vie passport valid for?

The Passport is valid for 365 days from its first day of validity (which may differ from the date of purchase).

How can I get my Espace pour la vie passport?

You can purchase your Passport at, at one of our box offices or at one of Espace pour la vie’s friendly societies.

Do I have to buy a passport for a child under the age of 5?

No, admission is free. However, it is necessary to book a ticket for him or her, as is the case for the rest of the people accompanying him or her.

Can I give the Espace pour la vie Passport as a gift to someone else? How do I do this?

Yes, the Passport must be purchased online. Once the gift passport has been purchased, it must be activated on the first visit by the holder to one of our 5 museum ticket offices. Consequently, the validity date begins on the day of activation, not the day of the initial transaction.

Can I get a refund on my last ticket purchase and transfer it to an EPLV Passport by paying the difference?

Yes, within 5 business days

Please note: Tickets are refundable only at the Espace pour la vie ticket counter. Clients will not be able to obtain a refund at a friendly society counter.

When registering for a multi subscription, is the member required to register all members?

Although registration of all members is strongly recommended when buying q Passport, it is not mandatory. Only the primary member’s registration is required at the time of purchase. However, all Multi passport members must be registered in the passport in order to visit our museums. To add new members, send an e-mail to [email protected], mentioning your passport number and the names of the persons you wish to add to your membership (surname, first name and date of birth), or register members during your first visit to one of our museum ticket offices. It is not possible to add members via the portal.

How do I renew my Passport?

  1. The Renewal button will automatically appear on the portal home page 45 days before the Passport expires, and you will receive email notification of the renewal notice.
  2. Access the portal
  3. Click on the Renewal button

    Step 1 - Passport
  4. Click on the Add and go to Cart button
  5. If applicable, enter the promotional code received by email, click on the + button and then click on the Payment button

    Step 2 - Passport
  6. Update member information when necessary

    Step 3 - Passport
  7. Finalize payment
  8. You will receive an email with the new expiration date

Passport holders can also renew their passports in person.

The Renewal button will automatically appear on the portal home page 45 days before the Passport expires.

How can I take advantage of the renewal discount?

You will receive an email inviting you to renew your Passport 45 days before your subscription expires. A 25% discount will be applied to all renewals made before the Passport expiry date.

For example, if your Passport expires on June 1, you will receive a renewal notice on April 18, and will be able to benefit from the 25% discount until June 1.

If I renew my passport in advance, will I be penalized?

No, the renewal consists of 365 days, which are added to the days remaining on the Passport. No subscription day will be lost.

For example, if your Passport expires on June 1, you will receive a renewal notice on April 18 and will be eligible for the 25% discount until June 1. If you renew on May 20, your new Passport will take effect on June 1.

How do I create my user account?

In the Passport purchase confirmation email we sent you, click on the link to our website to create your user account.

Will I get a physical card?

No. When you receive your Virtual Passport, you'll need to print or save the barcode you received at the time of purchase on your phone. It is essential to keep a copy of this code to book tickets*.

*Members who lose this code will need to contact our call center or come in person so that we can send them their Virtual Passport.

How do I book tickets with my Passport?

  1. Log in to your user account
  2. Reserve a date and time for your visit
  3. Present your ticket along with photo ID when visiting the site.

Can I go directly to one of the museums with my Espace pour la vie passport?

Reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee a place at Planétarium shows.

As for the outdoor gardens of the Jardin botanique, reservation is neither compulsory nor necessary: simply present your Passport at the entrance. However, during the Gardens of Light event, ticket reservation is mandatory.

Reservations are not required for the Biosphère, Biodôme and Insectarium but are always recommended to guarantee your visit.

What happens if I book tickets and can't show up? Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, by writing to us using this form. Your confirmation code found in your receipt email will be required.

Please note that repeated no-shows for reserved tickets may lead the City to suspend or cancel your Espace pour la vie Passport rights (see Terms and Conditions).

Do you have priority for booking tickets when you have a passport?

No, Passport holders do not have priority over the general public.

Does the Espace pour la vie passport give me access to other discounts?


  • A 15% discount is offered on most purchases in Espace pour la vie restaurants and boutiques*.
  • Discounts also apply to Day Camps. Solo passport holders benefit from a discount on a stay for one child while Multi passport holders benefit from a discount on a stay for each child registered on the Passport.

To get the discount, Passport holders simply need to present their Digital Passport or visit ticket (at the boutique or restaurant) along with photo ID.

*Certain restrictions apply.

Can I use the Multi passport for a group outing?

No, under no circumstances can the Passport be used for group outings—school, tourist, leisure (day camps, sports teams, etc.) or otherwise. Similarly, a child registered as a member on the Passport of a parent or relative may not use it to gain access to the museums as part of a group outing. Special rates are available for groups of 15 or more.

I want to change my Passport type (SOLO, SOLO + child, MULTI)? How do I proceed?

It is possible to change the type of Passport at the time of renewal only and no refund (in whole or in part) is possible.

For any changes to the Passport type at the time of renewal, please come to one of our museums.

If I lose my virtual card (the PDF file), is it possible to access a new file through my online portal?

No, the member must make a request by phone or by email (including the passport number found under the bar code and your contact information) at [email protected] or 514 868-3000.

Can a member modify (add or remove) family members on their Multi passport?

No, once registered, members remain the same until renewal.

Can I get a refund for my passport?

No, the Passport is non-refundable.