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Online tickets frequently asked questions

Ticket Purchase

How do I buy tickets online?

1. Select the type of ticket you would like: package or single attraction.

2. Select the museums you wish to visit.

3. Indicate the number of people and complete your online purchase.

4. Receive your tickets by email.

5. Go to the museum entrance with your ticket in hand or on your smartphone.

Are there any service charges on tickets purchased online?

No, no service charges will be added to your transaction.

What is a general admission ticket?

A general admission ticket is one with no specified dated. This gives you the freedom to visit the museum whenever you like and to gain direct entry without having to wait in line for tickets. General admission tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

How long are my online-purchased tickets valid for?

Individual general admission tickets are valid from the date of purchase.

Dated general admission tickets are valid only for the date and time specified on the ticket, as applicable.

Tickets for lectures are valid only for the date and time selected, and allow access to the designated venue only.

I'm a member of the Society of Friends of Space for Life, how can I get my discount?

No discounts apply to tickets purchased online. We invite you to come to the museum ticket office in person to purchase tickets at reduced rates. Find affiliated societies of Friends of Space for Life.

I have an Accès-Montréal card or a promotional coupon. How do I get my discount?

No discounts apply to tickets purchased online. We invite you to come to the museum ticket office in person to purchase tickets at reduced rates. For information on our promotions.

Do you have group rates?

Yes, we have group rates, but they are not available through online ticket purchase. For groups of 15 or more, tickets must be booked by calling our reservations department at 514 868-3056 or by email at: [email protected]

Consult our Group and Tour Operators section.

How can I buy a ticket that includes a guided tour?

Tickets purchased online do not include services such as guided tours. Guided tours at the Botanical Garden are offered free of charge thanks to the collaboration of the Friends of the Botanical Garden. No reservations required.

Consult our Guided Tours of the Garden section.

What are the rates and packages for the various museums?

View our rates.

For information on the different packages.

How do I buy a ticket and ensure I have access to adapted services?

Special trails have been designed to ensure people with physical or visual disabilities have access to our sites. Browse our list of services which are designed to make your visit more enjoyable. Please note, however, that these services cannot be booked online.

Are additional fees applied to online ticket purchases?

No additional fees apply to online ticket purchases.

If I buy multiple tickets for several people, do we all need to arrive together?

Each transaction generates one e-ticket; therefore, visitors must arrive at the museum together.

Can tickets purchased online be given as a gift?

Absolutely! The price is not shown on the tickets, so you can gift them to friends and loved ones.


Technical Questions

What payment methods can I use to purchase my tickets online?

Only credit cards are accepted: Visa or MasterCard.

I didn't receive the order confirmation or e-tickets in my email, what should I do?

The purchase confirmation and e-tickets will be emailed within 30 minutes of the transaction to the address you provided at the time of purchase. You first need to check that the two emails (purchase confirmation and e-tickets) did not go to your junk mail or spam folder. If you didn't receive them, please contact our web support at 514-868-3000 or 1-855-518-4506.

I'm unable to print my tickets, what should I do?

You don't have to print a copy if you have a smartphone. Simply show your e-ticket barcode, which can be scanned directly from your device. If you don't have a smartphone, make sure that you can print your tickets before completing your online purchase. It will not be possible to print tickets at the museum.

What should I do if my computer crashes while I'm buying tickets?

If you receive a confirmation email, it means that the transaction has been completed. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please try the transaction again.

Who should I contact if I experience technical problems when purchasing my tickets?

Contact our web support at 514-868-3000 or 1-855-518-4506.


Issues after the Purchase

Can tickets purchased online be cancelled, exchanged or refunded?

No, tickets may not be cancelled, exchanged or refunded once the transaction is complete.

I lost my ticket, what should I do?

On arriving at the museum, the person who purchased the ticket(s) will be asked to show two pieces of identification.

What happens to tickets purchased online if the institutions are not accessible or if a show is cancelled?

Only fixed-date general admission tickets may be exchanged or refunded when institutions are not accessible, for reasons such as safety concerns, a strike, picketing, rioting, civil unrest or the cancellation or postponement of a show.

What is the procedure to follow?

The Montréal Space for Life customer service team will attempt to contact you to offer you the choice of receiving a refund or exchanging your ticket for another dated or undated general admission ticket.

Under these circumstances, do I have to go to a Space for Life ticket counter in person to exchange a ticket purchased online or to get a refund? No, you can contact our Web support team at 514 868-3000 or 1 855-518-4506.

How long will it take for a refund to go through?

A refund will be issued within a maximum of 15 days.

What is the amount refunded?

The amount of the refund will be equal to the amount paid for the ticket.

What happens if customer service is unable to reach me or if neither option (refund or exchange) has been chosen?     

If customer service is unable to reach you or if neither option has been chosen within 15 days, the Montréal Space for Life will issue a credit to the card used for the initial purchase.

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